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If you need further proof that this decision by Marvel is the actual worst thing ever, please consider that Captain America has officially lost the moral high ground to the Joker. That’s right. THE JOKER NOW HAS HIGHER MORAL STANDARDS THAN STEVE ROGERS, AND THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT PEOPLE
my gifs ian mckellen David Tennant Benedict Cumberbatch sorry not sorry tim minchin this was so great bless them all dtedit dame judi dench what a bunch of dorks shakespeare live! shakespeare 400 AND I'LL STOP SCREAMING NOW PSA: there was a typo - I fixed it. sorry
gif Illustration skull skeleton
skulls art Black and White b&w skull skeleton
My art zelda link the legend of zelda loz ganondorf ganon skull kid Skullkid zelgan hyrule warriors rinku a tale of two rulers
skulls fire skull satan darkness goth Demon Flame devil horns nu goth dark fashion all black gothic fashion black clothes gothic clothing dark beauty gothic beauty gothic blog neogoth
tangled myedits The Princess and the Frog the little mermaid beauty and the beast aladdin Aurora Eric beast Sleeping Beauty Mulan Flynn Rider prince phillip the prince prince charming shang frozen naveen dl Snow White and the Seven Dwarves kristoff happy april fools!!!
embroidery skull tome artists on tumblr
nature pug Anatomy dogs science pugs
skull snake snakes Ball python vulture culture
scary Illustration death Black and White creepy artwork monochrome skull skeleton bones Macabre rat grotesque obscure grimm reaper
death art hippie boho skull nature earth world wildlife bohemian butterfly Witch Valentine witchcraft gypsy insect moth oddities wiccan curiosity pagan taxidermy wicca Oddity curiosities cabinet of curiosities darkart Curio insectart deathhead
Illustration wolf skull Magic forest wolves digital art Demon Goddess art nouveau artists on tumblr wolf skull female artists wolf goddess dailen ogden illustration
mine screen Rosamund Pike gone girl
gif LOL gifs food egg
deer oddities animal skull taxidermy deer skull flower crown vulture culture
Illustration skulls nature wildlife fox Macabre antlers artists on tumblr coloring books inking kickstarter Line art animal skulls COLORING BOOK ANIMAL ART crowd funding fox art ram skull coloringbook trans artists skullgarden LGBT artists wildlife art vulture culture a.l. swartz skullgardencoloringbook andrew liam swartz
Illustration horror skull morbid skeleton bones creature Macabre terror terrifying
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