• smh •
bang smh chief keef 3hunna oblock smh smh smh smh so hard
lmao tired school epic out of shape bruh NiggasBeLike realniggashit nah bruh smh smh smh the struugle
the fact that i basically have the same sleep schedule as people that live in australia is somewhat frightening
there is so much unnecessary heterosexuality on tv
  • everyday:this is it. i really lost the stylus.
harry lookin like a character from the cats musical
exhibit confidence not superiority
I'm annoyed smh
i laugh at myself so much im so funny
My personality varies from unbearably clingy to disturbingly distant and there is no inbetween
tumblr is so gullible tho like I could put a headline like “Obama Eats Ass” with a photoshopped CNN website background and all y’all would be like rEBLOG THE SHIT OUT OF YHIS
yall hate on girls who wear makeup correctly yall hate on girls who wear makeup incorrectly yall hate on girls who dont wear makeup????????????????
hater alert on aisle u
no, sir, i do not smh at you, sir but i smh, sir
freedom of speech doesn’t protect you from the social repercussion of your words, remember that next time you try using that as a justification to spew hate. — let me just clarify that this post was made hours before the charlie hebdo attacks and has NOTHING to do with that situation. murder i...
I’m so insecure like I could be married to my husband of 40 years and I would still wonder if he likes me or not
Every generation of pokemon has a sex symbol: