• smh •
* Chris Evans smh Sebastian Stan m:gif sebstanedit iamnevertheone evansedit kal* userjakegyllenhaal chris has no manners pass it on thighs of betrayal
homestuck Rose Lalonde kanaya maryam upd8 veloce draws poop omg it s been so long since i did art of hOMESTUCK LIKE LITTERALLY MIDDLE SCHOOL cant believe i got sucked back in again smh
police twitter Racist Racism murder USA America cops cop minneapolis police brutality latino White supremacy the usa BLM white superiority racist cops black lives matter killed by cops killed by police Jamar Clark
harry potter * hpedit harrypottergif danielsgillies harrypotterdailly sirxusblack these look so bad i hate why is it so hard to color hp smh
me: *forgets words in english* whoops, well english isn’t my first language some: *forgets words in native language* whoops, I’m better at english lolme @ me:
gif police Racist Racism USA America pigs cops cop Taser black panther police brutality acab criminal justice the usa murica wrongful arrest black lives matter brendan carter daryl appleberry
lady gaga gif gifset grammys gagagif my recording was so laggy smh
gifs edits *** fans football Soccer Stadiums this should look better smh
yall hate on girls who wear makeup correctly yall hate on girls who wear makeup incorrectly yall hate on girls who dont wear makeup????????????????
smh 1kn 2kn my camera Scarlett's mad adventures I forgot so many things I forgot to pack my watercolours my pyjamas!!!???
mine friends rachel green ross geller gif* friendsedit smh fake as hell
*gives someone i like some attention* damn they prolly think im obsessed with them lemme chill
episode 4 j cole j. cole road to homecoming THE kanye moment lmaoooo smh
my gifs Key onew shinee jonghyun taemin minho gif:key my stars gif:OT5 too many tags smh 1k and up Key of beauty poor babe ;;;;
kylo ren: *tries to enter Rey’s mind*rey: *uses the force and enters his mind instead*kylo ren’s mind: wake me up (wake me up inside) i can’t wake up (wake me up inside) save me (call my name and savrey: what the fuck
at least he being nice to the dog smh
uno wild as hell shit I hated niggas hit you w a draw four but a swap hands card shit that's grounds of murder fuck to the no
gif mine Chris Evans smh
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