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Nobody ever talks about how cute baby snakes are i mean look at this little guy friends! <3 wow good times just chillin nm how’re you? oh and don’t get me started on snakes in hats: lookatchu in your summer hat just ready to enjoy lemonade on your lil snake porch hope you ha...
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You own a snake?! But they're so dangerous!
Yes, i seem to be having lots of trouble with my dangerous snake who is definitely a terrifying killer and not at all a stupid little softy.
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OK though serious time now. (ps. the word poisonous was used ironically) Here are a few points I would like to make.   A snake does not see humans as  a source of food.  There are only 4 species of snake (out of around 3000 species.) That could be considered large enough to even consider eating a hu...
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