• snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan photoshit haha hah ha im too lazy to tag eveyr oen hh ah ahah hah hah hhh ehh ehe H HAH H AHH •
quotes snk shingeki no kyojin Mikasa Ackerman attack on titan snk spoilers shingeki spoilers too lazy to make transitions smoother OTL
doodledump golden mushroom also my friend linked me to the zalgo text generator hello
haha hah HAHAHA no legend of korra korra spoilers amon lok finale noatak you geddit like with the mask no jenna no
For an ugly person I look in the mirror a lot
* doctor who 11 dwedit THSI AWSA SUPOSED TO BE HAPPY SMILEY 11 IDKKK BUT LOOK AT HIM LOOK AT THAT ANGEL MY SUNSHINE MY EVERYTHING ps i'll be watching the episode later so peace out hah ah hah ha have fun
Attack on Christmas
Flying through the air On some maneuver gear All the here we go Cowering in fear Ha ha ha ha The ground is turning red All my friends are dead And now I’m trying to climb this wall With TITANS up ahead OH JINGLE BELLS REINER SMELLS ANNIE RAN AWAY MARCO DIED ARMIN CRIED AND LEVI ALL THE WAY HEY
robstenisfearless kristen stewart hah ha no queue: i'm sleeping go away this only took me fiVE MINUTES TO DETAG BUT THIS SHOOT IS SO GOOD THOUGH and wow i am using this psd like there's no tomorrow can you tell im really into retro/flat colours lately
edits snk shingeki no kyojin attack on titan snkedit snkgraphic LMAO FOOBDYE i made myself a little bit sad wit h this haha
when you hear Shingeki no Kyojin in public
my gifs exo gif:exo Kai exo k jongin gif:k 100kai haHahaha Hah ah ahhaah h a h a- sTOP IT JONGIN
mygifs myedits exo exo k chanyeol chanyeoledit sbs roommate e:overdose h IS FACE OHMYGOD AHGASDAHG IS LIKE HE WAS CRYING AHAH HAH A
My art *1k phan phan art SCREAMS AND CRASHES THRU THE FRONT DOOR IM SORRY IVE BEEN AWOL not even a good reasoN ive been on my personal hah ha rolls away !! 500shadesofblue oh that wont show in ur tag ill link u ha ha i love u
amazing Wings spnedit an attempt was made spncastiel spngraphic castiel your face destroys my soul graphics yo gUY S U KNOW WHATS AMAZING PHOTOSHOP IS AMAZING OH MY  W O RD? ? ?? ? I JUST DISCOVERED? ? ? the move tool and that making cool effects with still graphics is substantially easier than doing it with moving gifs who'd have thought oh WAIT GUYS GUESS WHAT I ALSO DISCOVERED THE MAGIC SELECTOR TOOL THINGY that lets u perfectly cut out people from scenes its a m A GIC AL MIRACLE wh a t a time to be alive h a hah  AH HA im such a n00b its amazin what u can learn just by clicking buttons i cant wait to find what else is out there
yes levi no shave november snk tag EVERYTHING make me famous shingeki no kyojin AOT shingeki attack on titan erwin smith irwin smith fuck which do I use shit he has a mustache too snk 51 snk chp 51 aot 51 fuck yall im hilarious
My Artz dangan ronpa DR spoilers chihiro fujisaki yasuhiro hagakure Mukuro Ikusaba i dont wan nA look at this anymore gosh
snk t gif shingeki no kyojin attack on titan eren jaeger levi heichou T snk Boyfriendu im going to marry him
monochrome levi I'M GOING TO CRY snk !mygif shingeki no kyojin attack on titan !snk rivaille
i just had to snk shingeki no kyojin AOT attack on titan Colossal Titan ladyGT