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has anyone notice that Levi stop wearing his uniform after the death of his squad…¬† this was the last time we ever see Levi with his survey corps uniform up until chapter 65 …
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Levi trying to get Erwin’s attention oh god I can’t take it
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Waking up this morning to “Levi Ackerman”
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*opens tumblr* "LEVI ACKERMAN"
It’s unlikely that anyone in the military could have a twig like figure because of the muscle strength/mass required to operate 3DMG. (Submitted by yoshidaeri. Details by martin-noober-king.)
the fact that eren blames himself for the deaths of all of his loved ones and comrades (whose weight of their deaths he already carries) and is willing to give himself up for the sake of a better fate for humanity is quite possibly one of the most heartbreaking things ever. so if you try to tell me ...
I just want to see Eren happy again, and not fucking blame himself for everything
i feel like the spoon ordeal was eren jaeger’s version of an awkward erection in public
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attack on my fucking patience what’s in the goddamn basement
SNK being used to mean Attack on Titan SNK’s Marco being some dead guy in Attack on Titan SNK’s arcade classics being ignored because of a mediocre seinen series Metal Slug
anime fandom  thats why i cant understand this fuckin fandom
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SnK AU where everything is the same except Erwin and Levi are Daft Punk.