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LOL funny wtf humor srsfunny
LOL funny wtf humor srsfunny
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From @foster_kittens: “If you’re having a rough ...
LOL funny wtf humor srsfunny
Fanart galaxy stars clouds digital art Voltron Mommy Marcia allura voltron legendary defender I am so grateful for her Allura is a funny way to spell 'blessing' yall kinkshame for saying daddy but what about mommy
Chim art tales of zestiria Sorey Mikleo alisha diphda I am so thankful for ep 2
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funny pokemon pokemon go
  • me:meh, today is okay
  • old friends senior dog sanctuary:leo is okay and he's coming home soon
  • me:today is the best day. no day is better than today.
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homestuck submission sin why is everything always so wonderful?
let your child be goofy and silly and make messes. teach them to clean up the messes without yelling at them. let your child be a child. not a mini adult who has to be perfect 24/7
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my favorite meme so far
  • Faerie Queen:And now that you have proven yourself in front of my entire court, saving my life and the lives of my gentry, I will grant you a boon. Ask any question, and you shall have your answer--even if I must take leave of my throne and quest to grant you satisfaction.
  • Me:Was My Immortal written as a joke or was the author serious??
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