• so I really hope you'll like it too •
1k my gifs doctor who request doctor x rose otp: the stuff of legend dwedit dwplus oops this is a bit long dredits rtdedit psychicpurplewindmill i thought this will take some time but i made it in like..... an hour or so :`)))) (i like how it turned out) (and i hope you'll like it too and thank you for requesting i enjoyed making this)
game of thrones Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister *mine* *1k *500 *request gotedit sansa x tyrion gotsansastark gottyrionlannister otp: i could be good to you i hope you like it anon :) omg I actually did it my magic isn't really working lately I'm afraid but I'm actually pretty proud of this so I really hope you'll like it too also I'm sorry this took me forever
arrow recap - 3x05 "the secret origin of felicity smoak"
perfect mangacaps bye one piece portgas d. ace 500N 1kn i should shut up m:c opgraphics pandayachhi tagging you there hope it's okay i'm not sure if that's the ace picture you had in your mind haha but hey have some ass-kicked ace flying over a river for u i thought about it and if i had a tag for ace it would be ace ace baby i still have others ace pictures saved so if you don't really like this one you'll probably see others ace in the week such long tags m:op
doodle Dawn Touko o-oh well Splatoon pkmnart ahhhh I was being so lazy on this I could have finished a week ago ;;;;; I hope whoever requested it thinks it's okay I really like how this turned out! s-so I'm posting here too it looks so much better in full res!! I actually don't like how may looks in this <:
doctor who amy pond karen gillan matt smith dw Eleven mg i spent like an hour on this coloring i hope you'll like it
Harry Styles :3 one direction: a year in the making this took ages but it was definitely worth because i love him so much i cry at nights bYE I just really really rEALLY HOPE YOU LIKE IT and i hope it makes you cRY
music playlist mix yaya mixes 8tracks intjnet ah i really like this one so i hope yall like it too :)
mine i love him Andy Samberg gif. brooklyn nine nine jake peralta b99edit b99things i hope you'll like it anon :))))) also jake is such a dummy
* game of thrones *gif *GOT gotedit i hope you'll like it :)
* atla katara *gif avatar the last airbender azula *atla atlaedit i hope you'll like it :)
* game of thrones *gif daenerys targaryen *GOT house targaryen gotedit gotdaenerystargaryen i hope you'll like it :)
** game of thrones *gif House Stark Sansa Stark *GOT gotedit gotsansastark i hope you'll like it! :)
The most fucked up thing the universe can do to a person is send them the love of their life at the wrong time.
1k cristiano ronaldo real madrid sergio ramos edit* xabi alonso snap iker casillas karim benzema rm Gareth Bale hope you'll like it i thought it's cute idk
mygifs Death Note L Lawliet dngif Anyways I hope you like it! i'm sorry i took so long i had to download the epis and my computer is really slow atm bc i have too many stuff ;n;
gif sherlock martin freeman sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch constance Ezra Miller SherlockEdit sherlock au parentlock John Waston parent!lock William Watson i started this gifset 3 hours ago so it means I have worked on this the whole time i really hope you'll like it omg or i'll probably cry and sit in a corner i'm also very sorry for the last 2 gifs which ended very crappy
sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch sea Graphic bbc sherlock hehehe well I like this I'm going to do Moriarty too You'll see I hope you like this! simple but nice Okay I don't know I was experimenting
* doctor who *doctor who somethingofthewolf HERE YOU GO MEL i'm sorry it took me so long to make you something :((( hope you like it though!!! you'll probably see this on your dash but i'm gonna tag you anyway just in caaaaase