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hOLY SHIT so i was dicking around on the internet and i ended up on the wikipedia page for nunavut, a territory of canada LOOK AT ITS COAT OF ARMS IT’S A NARWHAL AND A CARIBOU HOLDING UP A SHIELD IT’S GOT A LITTLE IGLOO ON TOP AND THE IGLOO IS WEARING A FUCKING CROWN CANADA WINS OK CANA...
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perks of being my girlfriend1) I will buy you hella cute lingerie 2) You are welcome to model said lingerie for me, preferably while sitting in my lap3) I will bake you cookies and make you pizza and we can cuddle and watch netflix stuff4) I’ll take you on boring dates like to farmer’s markets and f...
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Do you love this shit? Are you high right now? Do you ever get nervous? I heard you fucking your girl is it true? You getting money?