• so i'm not really a brucas fan but sophia bush KILLS me in this scene everytime •
photoset gifs mine meme brooke davis One Tree Hill oth lucas scott Brucas brooke x lucas epic scenes so i'm not really a brucas fan but sophia bush KILLS me in this scene everytime
my edits Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark cf thgedit everlark cfedit pm edit peetameme ugh dark scenes coloring this scene LOL what a joke this moment kills me everytime the way he says 'i get them too' *dying on the floor* he's such a precious puppy i'm so sorry you're hurt ;((( when you're in pain i'm in pain
photoset 1k brooke davis One Tree Hill sophia bush fgc not tagging the brat even tho this is like the only scene i ever found him endearing in anyway everything about this scene is so perfect especially the song and sam's voice over there's probably other oth moments i could've used but this is one of my favs
mine feminism sophia bush body image self love the today show still hate that /this is the definition of ''curvy'' but i love her a lot bye
my gifs feminism Kajol bollywood IT'S SO GOOD bollywood 2 Kajol Devgan Gets Me Everytime preetpreet1k lmao this is such a shit coloring let's not talk about it this whole gifset is ratchet like let's not talk about forreal though but this scenes just everything about it is perf it's so impactful they copied this scene in veer zara well they did something similar to it
my gifs mine Boy Meets World bmw cory matthews idk why bmwedit mine: bmw i don't know what it is about this line but it kills me everytime also this looks weird because this part happens through a tv screen like they're playing this on a tv screen within the show i'm gonna start using tags like that i'll go through all my shit and tag it all eventually i always get really nervous when i post boy meets world stuff
edits Events sophia bush sophia+bush sbgra still on break this is a queue sbo5
1k lord of the rings LOTR *gifs lotredit things I've edited My Photoshop experiments dwarfings idk what else to tag it with and I don't want to tag everyone SOPHIA BBY I'M SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I hope you haven't forgotten about it I finally got CS5 extended and wanted to try out new stuff I started sharpening stuff with this action but Ps kept crashing on me - more than ten times throughout the course of this set D: so it took me ages to make this and I think I won't be using that action again though it kind of makes my gifs look a bit nicer I think? I really can't tag everyone in this set
1k edward elric Fullmetal Alchemist alphonse elric fmab fmaedit fmameme it's so powerful trtgifs mine:fmab this scene kills me everytime it's probably one of my fave scenes in the whole anime when i saw it for the first time i had goosebumps and mainly because it just became so much more beautiful when the ending song plays i was literally sitting in shock for minutes because this scene had such an impact on me and then i broke down whoops yay done with all scenes btw! next up is quotes!
mydrawings domino X-23 Laura Kinney Neena Thurman psyloke I'M SO HAPPY THAT I FINISHED THESE IN ONE DAY WOW THIS IS A HUGE ACHIEVEMENT FOR ME ;_; honestly I'm feeling proud of myself and YES laura is wearing a bodysuit because I always thought that's so much better for her missions and i'm not really a fan of her currnent yellow black combo outfit so... I ALSO GAVE NEENA A NECKLACE I'M SO HAPPY
my edits Brothers Teen Wolf derek hale Scott McCall sorry in advance twgif twedit lose your mind i loved this scene so so so much and i did this during lunch time but now i don't like it much omg lol but i'm not home so.. ;_;
1k kingdom hearts sora Kairi anyway enjoy! sokai !graphics khgraphics HEYY SO I WANTED TO MAKE SOME NEW GRAPHICSS i really love this scene cause of how sora looks at her and it kills me every time
gif mine naruto itachi uchiha sasuke uchiha anyway Animes Narutogif *naruto uchiha brothers narutographic ok so i'm doing this... but it won't be in 30 days and i'm not doing it in order lol there's going to be a lot of gifsets for each day or category also i'm not gonna do everything 'cause there's some really stupid stuff like your least favorite_____ why would i want to dedicate my time doing stuff about my least favorite thing; person etc? ... this photoset took me ages argh naruto30
mine edits edit ... puella magi madoka magica Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica pmmm madokaedit madokaall quote from episode 8 at the very end;;;; although its not complete but i liked this better dear god the black one took me a lot to decide a texture to use :< my inspiration isn't fully back but i'm home alone sick and bored so here;;; soul gem vs grief seed that's the whole point of this edit idk also the scans are from the concept madoka book i know the soul gem there is mami's but its the only one i could find in sketch style i really wanted to use sketch rather than full ones so pmmm breaks my heart everytime tbh but i also love this anime a lot next time i'll do a happier madoka edit laughssss
1k brooke davis One Tree Hill bryan greenberg chad michael murray peyton sawyer sophia bush hilarie burton oth lucas scott nathan scott mystuff* james lafferty jake jagielski othscene tim smith brett claywell i know this isn't one scene but i wanted to do this :')
my edits free fall i'm so sAD :(((((((((((((((( max riemelt freier fall Hanno Koffler stillmygirl oh my god what a bitch this was i'm glad i could make up a decent coloring but most of these gifs are over 100 frames so some have shitty quality lol but this scene OH this scene wrecked me hanno is especially amazing in this scene just look at the pain and conflict in him because he loves kay too but he is caught between a rock and a hard place and he doesn't know what to do
200 100 gif warning the phantom of the opera phantom of the opera Ramin Karimloo POTO25 liberty makes things potoedit i'm ridiculously emotional right now the final scene and this particular incarnation of the final scene is part of my lifeblood i weep nightly i have another potoedit but i don't know how to caption it bc a part of me wants to make a huge comment but i'm kinda not well versed enough to do so sigh the trials of casual fan girling is this casual my weeping does not feel casual what defines the intensity of my fanning is it the wind i create or the energy with which i expend it what am i doing in my tags rn it's so late i'm going to cry then sleep right after i hit post
photoset 1k brooke davis One Tree Hill sophia bush haley james scott bethany joy lenz otp: the girl i love my beautiful little otp that could if someone had told me in s1 when i was just hoping for them to acknowledge each other and be nice that they'd be each other's maids of honor and godmothers to each other's kids and best friends... people who claim them being best friends in s8 came out of nowhere are a JOKE did you miss all of season three and four or it was really hard to just pick ten gifs for this i made like twenty but it's supposed to show their ~progression ja feel ew at the obvious typo on yours rip me
mygifs same dakara boku wa h ga dekinai gpoy tbh guys I'm so sorry I only watched one episode of this and dropped but THIS SCENE So I can't play H Ryosuke Kaga Kaga Ryosuke Lisara Restall and the subtitles are huge haha shoot me but really I'm sorry okay .dbwgif