• so i guess that's a no •
If I’m in Avengers 2, everyone will know it ‘cause I’m gonna run through Times Square butt ass naked with Avengers 2 tatto...
If you’re going to read manga please do not use MangaFox, MangaHere, or any other similar sites - the manga hosting sites with all the ads. I thought this was pretty well-known (it’s pretty well-known among scanlation groups I’ve found) but apparently it’s not so here’s...
~ himym barney stinson fc didn't expect to be able to do this one today but i guess i did so that's cool i guess??
you know that feel when headphones just aren’t like, intimate enoughyou just want music like beamed directly into your skull
mine:graphics kuroko no basuke kuroko no basket Kuroko Tetsuya Aomine Daiki Kise Ryouta murasakibara atsushi midorima shintarou akashi seijuro knb mine:knb i had to do this i'm so sorry........................ it was a bitch coming up with a caption for this gifset i don't do well with quotes especially 'sad' ones lmao the quote is perfect for everyone except kuroko?? he never changed except he suffered emotional distress and showed less expressions; i guess that's one thing that changed him in this arc ;;;
homestuck davejohn johndave 1k+ davexjohn johnxdave pepsicola no that's the actual file name how many ways are there to say this ship name holy macaroni lemon draw officialcolgatetoothpaste
yeh bye gif i made Red vs Blue Rooster Teeth caboose tex grif Dexter Grif rvb spoilers Agent Texas michael j caboose i was really torn on how stupid the font mashup would be but that's the joke i guess like oh it's a serious graphic set oh wait no
that's why a drew a random fox girl also I'm at my grandmum's so no skype and stuff
DRAMAtical Murder Mizuki (dmmd) Ryuuhou old doodle totodailies i busted my wrist so that's why there's no art
that's so raven raven symone Raven Baxter victor baxter jgifs* guess what i just finished downloading! rondell sheridan
neon genesis evangelion kawoshin stuff by kj this is transparent so i guess that's cool under some circumstances
i think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anybody else to feel like that
photoset 1k my edits disney edits my posts Disney Princess disney classics group disney movies disney princesses groupedit Disneyedit good night i guess princessesedit have to sleep earlier so that's my last post for today chronological order
random that's so raven Raven-Symoné I try to remember that every day after all I lost 88 lbs precisely under the pressure of society and guess whatI still look for flaws in my appearance then believe when I say that losing weight is not everything your self esteem should be based on your personality NOT your body image otherwise you'll never be completely happy with your appearance no matter how skinny you get
vents Shelly arts blue kid don't know what to do with myself anymore cept just sit and cry maybe... that's all I can do remember who you aaarre
gifs my gifs destiel metatron 9x22 so this is what i did today the season 8 gifs are out of order and i'm so ashamed pls forgive me and i had to use youtube videos like a barbarian for a couple of the season 7 gifs and idk why a couple of the season 5 gifs look stretched out?? sorry i guess that's what happens when you make 32 gifs i love doing these tho deanowinchesty tagging u cause ilu
original I didn't ask stevie hope that's not creepy