• so i had to use his selcas instead ;o; •
1k edit bts 500 jimin Bangtan edit:bts edit:jimin btsgfx networkbangtan parkjmnet 9597net pastel-net IT WAS SO HARD TO FIND EDITABLE PICS OF HIM WITH GLASSES BC THERE WAS LITERALLY NONE so i had to use his selcas instead ;o; edit:icons
ppl ur age that look way hotter than u
request bts jimin park jimin Bangtan btsgif* jmgif* i couldn't find enough videos to gif so i had to use pics instead i'm sorry if this isn't what you wanted :'(
2ne1 cl chaerin lee chaerin chaeiledits god this took so long x_x i love her selcas to death
my edits queue sungjong infinite lee sungjong jongie edit:mine1 i love all of his selcas so much ;A; what a flawless beauty goddesssssss
Koe Wo Kikasete
Seungri singing Koe Wo Kikasete in acepella
1k myedits exo exo k chanyeol photoshet1 chanyeoledit e:overdose idk how to call it tho ;o 'selcas' doen't sound right but i can't think anything rn orz chanyeol instagram agdjhagsdhjags ;;;;;
MY EDIT exo exo k baekhyun byun baekhyun exo edit edit:baekhyun ciastuff bbhedit why all his selcas are so dp worthy ;;;;;; i love his pink hair so much idk
DBZ gif set dragonball goku Son Goku DBS father and son Gohan kintoun son boys
1k harry potter mine draco malfoy hp mine: HP hpedit the malfoys dracoedit The boy who had no choice this quote is so good and so draco i had to use it
instead of "grammar nazi" i like to use "word police" because
it’s less offensive but still implies that their motivations are rooted in classism and racism
“how can you be a feminist if you still wear makeup???” “youre not a feminist, you wear dresses!!!” “true feminists dont shave”
* carol Rooney Mara cate blanchett Todd Haynes this is ugly but i want notes i had to use cs6 bc the quality was so bad
Fanart idk My Love sketches dragon age dragon age 2 Dragon Age Origins zevran i had a lot of stuff to do this weekend and but then i got much more stuff to do so i had to do the stuff so i couldn't do the original stuff and then i drew zevran instead of doing that first stuff oh god zevran
celebrities beyonce jetaimejetadore thequeenbey shade petty i've had to use that word so much im tired of it pettyonce
game of thrones jon snow kit harington princess of winterfell:mine fuckyeah1k gotedit mineGRRM gotjonsnow stark snark and here ends the house snark series i hope guys enjoyed it as much as me this is for the anon who requested a jon snark set i had to make a few tweaks because technically jon is not a stark yet so i used his infamous title instead
my gif my gifs high blue Cristina Yang Sandra Oh greys anatomy why did she say this so fast i had to use two different speeds smh
1k * film i think yay Dave Franco *gifs channing tatum jonah hill 21 jump street anyway *21js so i had to use it look i giffed something not jake related well i mean he is in it but not in the gifs that is like one of his only lines tho i'm going to gif more movies
gif * mine disney frozen *disney Frozen Disney *frozen this was soooo cute I just had to gif it but it was meant to be two gifs instead of four and tumblr kept 'error uploading photo' me I got so mad ?? idk what to tag