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“You can solve your anxiety disorder just by facing anxieties” “Anxiety isn’t a real disorder” “You look fine on the outside, therefore your anxieties don’t exist and you’re mentally fine on the inside”
The Rules of Social Anxiety 1. Walk with eyes fixed on the ground They are watching, laughing, judging Walk normal Don’t focus on it...
making someone with social anxiety talk in front of a class is like asking someone with a broken leg to go run a mile. except, one is acceptable and the other is considered wrong. something obviously needs to change
Social Issues
cause of death: too shy to call ambulance
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Panic and anxiety information and resources master post
PTSD explained PTSD and dissociation Anxiety disorders explained What anxious racing thoughts are like for me Using a thought diary Coping with triggers Comfort box Managing stress Meditation tips Distractions Glitter jar Grounding techniques / More grounding techniques / Even more grounding techniq...
Things not to say to someone with Social Anxiety
- “Why don’t you talk to anyone?” - “You’re awkward.” - “Why are you so quiet?” - “Why would you say that?” - “Why don’t you talk to them yourself?” - “Calm Down.” - “Why are you scared of people?” - “Why did you do that?” - “You’re embarrassing yourself.” - “You’re making a scene.”- “You should t...
You won’t allow me to go to school. I won’t become a doctor. Remember this: One day you will be sick.
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Things that are scary: getting up in class coughing in class reading out loud in class answering a question in class turning a test in first in class class