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  • Plot Twist:We all lose our social anxiety and order our pizza's through the phone without hesitation and nervousness, we successfully greet everyone at family gatherings without jumbling up words and asking "how are you" twice, and we lose the habit of practicing to say our orders before saying it to the waitress.
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Holistic healing is as popular as ever and using natural herbs for anxiety relief is something that all of us could look into. Reducing stress and anxiety is of vital importance, e...
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Twitter I’m eating a #donut Facebook I like donuts Foursquare This is where I eat donuts Instagram Here’s a vintage photo of my donut Youtube Here I am eating a donut LinkedIn My skills include donut eating Pinterest Here’s a donut recipe Last.fm Now listening to “Donuts̶...
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A genderqueer tumblr blogger is at the supermarket, having used up her daily allotment of social interaction on making the dangerous trek through crowds of people. The cashier has just begun scanning their items, and says “Did you find everything alright, miss?” The genderqueer is trigge...