• some times i'll just say to myself... where to cas? to the stars dean winchester.... and start crying •
season 9 dean winchester castiel destiel i have problems my meta pnp it just kills me feel the feels spnccnet season:9 meta:destiel casthewise i think about this line a lot how many things could he have said how open is that question and the way dean doesn't understand why the wquestion makes cas so upset I HAVE A LOT OF DESTIEL FEELINGS RIGHT NOW and this has been begging to be written some times i'll just say to myself... where to cas? to the stars dean winchester.... and start crying
bby supernatural dean winchester Jensen Ackles i miss this 4x04 Metamorphosis dean feels sam didnt have anything to say because he'd never gone hungry dean wouldn't let that happen sammy always came first jfc im making myself crying let me just stop here yerawizardharry
"smart!dean au"
supernatural dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki Demon!Dean
my gifs supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel destieledit cas loves dean you ever just cry because castiel's goal has always been to save dean winchester and that has remained consistent through the seasons just having some destiel feels today
supernatural dean winchester sam winchester Jensen Ackles Jared Padalecki 10 x 3
dean winchester why spn *mygifs crying tears of blood spnedit i just made myself cry 8.14 trial and error sammyshero omg this is too horrible this show is horrible why are they doing this to us??
** supernatural dean winchester sam winchester s6 s7 one otp to rule them all spnedit And Then There Were None :'))))) season 7 time for a wedding insert headcanon where Sam couldn't say ''Dean'' properly as a kid so he'd just call him D
1k supernatural dean winchester sam winchester spnedit caps* alcohol cw long post fr ts just really love shots where they pull off to anywhere and just sit on the impala or near it and the scenery is on display because wOW SCENERY BONER i miss shots like this so much
supernatural dean winchester Jensen Ackles spnfanart gadreel
my shit Final Fantasy finally xv And Finally final fantasy xv WRITING IT LIKE THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN SINCE I'VE BEEN WAITING 5? 6 YEARS SINCE VERSUS WAS FIRST ANNOUNCED???? i got rate limited 3 times on twitter in the past 13 hours bcuz of this i have so much to say but i don't know where to start just know that i seriously cried while watching sony's stream ESPECIALLY WHEN NAKAYUU AND FUJIWARA HAPPENED if kakki is still prompto on top of that i. i. i. thank god the PS4 is region free.
1k *** supernatural dean winchester castiel 2k are you there god it's me dean winchester spnedit *soldiercasspn good times when spn had a plot that didn't involve dean talking to animals damn i miss apocalypse
supernatural my stuff dean winchester Jensen Ackles Bradley James Merlin merlinedit spnedit idk I just wanted to gif these assholes probably been done 29084390840384948302498 times feeling a bit better now so I'm probably going to start reading or something
dean winchester q spnedit spndeanwinchester the mark of Cain arc complements so many of Dean's (abruptly dropped and long-running) arcs arcs written into the foundations of his character; dean as a hunter; dean as a brother where enduring the darkness is to become it (hell; purgatory) where completing the mission is to wear it on your own body (the righteous man; and the mark of Cain now) and i just know the show doesn't have it to actually make this any good but i'm going to foolishly hope anyway
1k photoshoot mine Adele edit new york times i had to okAY adeleedit m adele
My art dean winchester castiel destiel JUST KILL ME why do i do this to myself? is because im an M? or something! as is shipping destiel were not painfull already also phuc typos
my gifs supernatural dean winchester destiel DEANCAS and everything hurts season 9 gifs i'm just in one hell of a destiel mood from my extensive research... nah i'm just kidding but the evidence is clear that the only time dean ever really smiles this season is around cas or talking to cas or because of cas and the one episode he smiles most in is 9x06 which is the episode where he got to spend the day with cas sometimes these idiots are so canon it hurts that it isn't canon dean has gone through so much shit this season as has cas but even after kevin's death he can smile when he sees cas even after carrying the burden of the mark of cain he can still smile because of cas everything is destiel it's rather sad to see this as a progression because at the start of the season he's so...cheerful...as cheerful as dean can be given the situation and all the crap of earlier seasons but as the season progresses it takes all he has even to smile BUT WHAT I'M SAYING IS CAS STILL MANAGES TO MAKE DEAN SMILE JUST BY BEING CAS and if that isn't beautiful i don't know what is
my gif doctor who superwho dean winchester Jensen Ackles crossover weeping angel i'll shut up now is that a yes not that kind of an angel dean likes huh hah get it I wonder what the angel wants god knows well maybe he doesn't know either I suck at AUs btw oh and otp haha ok stop now kbye
supernatural my stuff dean winchester sam winchester spnedit spnedits winchesterphotoalbum i guess i wanted to make a little series of edits like this in different camera/photo styles and they're all taken by the boys or their friends and some will have their handwritting on them and i dunno where it's gonna go i just think it'll be fun polaroids are next