• something i did a day ago •
My art oc Hush Cookiehana mabinogi mabiart something i did a day ago
my gifs my stuff alexa chung anyway eyeko i'm pretty sure i did a similar gif some day ago
my gifs evangelion nge kawoshin i had to do SOMETHING for kawoshin day so i figured hey why not gif a scene that everyones gifed a billion times before??? (tho its not kawoshin day here anymore as of about 20 minutes ago lol)
One Direction liam payne gifs ' I made this love of my life i suck i feel bad LiamGIF a year ago because after i remembered that ashdon did something like this sorry ashdon
1k mine r5 Riker Lynch Why did I make this? rydel lynch ross lynch ellington ratliff rocky lynch Fuck... myr5 i remember seeing a text post of something like this a long time ago why the hell did i do this to myself?
harry potter myedits minimalist hpedit patronuses minimalistt oh it was such a long time ago i did something serious omg here u go
art mine
a story
gorillaz phase 4 i should probably mention that the image of 2D was something jamie did a while ago its probably not the offical thing for phase 4 but i had to throw it in there
1k graphics jennifer lawrence thgedit I did something like this like 2 years ago and I thought I'd do a retake on it I don't know if it will get notes but i hope you all like it anyways
art food first world problems comic cake yum artists on tumblr I know i did exactly one year ago I made a comic about cake might as well keep the tradition going because cake is marvelous and everyday is cheat day during the holidays hope you guys had a lovely Christmas I ate so much cozonac! and it all went to my hips
Aang Sokka Avatar A:TLA atla katara Avatar: the last airbender toph rant Korra legend of korra lok tenzin mako Bolin asami
love couple quote text food upload Personal portrait dessert pastry macaroon Ritz modernvision WATSF
1k doctor who amy pond eleventh doctor mine Gif: Doctor Who dwedit clara oswald the day of the doctor the war doctor i did this 5 hours ago and then i hit the post limit grrrrr i hope no one did this since then
gifs eleventh doctor mine dw Rose Tyler oh god dwedit 50th the day of the doctor dredits looks like i might do something erry day counting down assumring i can think of something else did i just do an eleven/rose edit
1k * 5k The princess diaries pinkmanjesse i cant gif til my screen is fixed so im uploading something i did some weeks ago i wanted to make it black and white but it would so emo part of tumblr lol
1k my stuffs ouat Emma Swan I'm so stupid Captain Swan killian jones cs graphic ouatedit emmaswanedit hookedit it's official : i'm completly crazy so i'll try to continue this post after every episode i wanted to do this because it's hard to always know exactly in wich episode took place a scene i started this gifset one month ago or something like this the day before i wanted to post it i saw someone did this for ouat in general so i decided to wait no one is going to reblog this i'm sure it's really a long post but it's going to help me to find a cs scene so of course there is no every episode since the doctor because they don't always share a scene .... edit : well people in fact reblog this.... i'm even more stupid right now