• something to do while audition stops throwing a hissy fit •
Somebody stop me please.
gif love funny cute bbc life otp sherlock cartoon martin freeman sherlock holmes Benedict Cumberbatch john watson bbc sherlock feels fandom fangirl benedict johnlocked benedicted bbc john watson
ot5 edit shinee edit; shinee i wanted to do something like this for a while
dean winchester suit!porn dancewithmejensen dean throwing a fit in general really
louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction Zayn Malik liam payne Niall Horan * mh hahahaHAHAHAHAH DUMBEST IDIOT psa the second one took me an hour to make bc the coLORS WOULDN'T WORK BC TOO BRIGHT FOR TUMBLR so i had a fit a hiSSY FIT all over twitter yeah that's it tho bye
musicals Broadway audition auditions 1000post i don't know if this is even helpful in the slightest but i always feel more confident after i've read 100000 webpages on something even auditions which i've done so many times audition masterpost
gif MY EDIT hayley williams paramore 2k taylor york jeremy davis Reading Festival Paramore GIF
1k ! Teen Wolf !gif twedit malia tate idk pastels or something i've wanted to gif her for a while now but i finally decided to do it
pokemon Fanart Typhlosion breeding variation should i even tag the mixes
1k 2k 3k my stuff* popular i know about popular didn't add team no girls allowed or jeremy and matt b/c they wouldn't have fit :'(( i care so much about all of these nerds jesus christ i'm getting emotional i need to go punch a wall or something should i tag this or nah
1k doctor who Donna Noble Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor dw** dwedit rtdedit damn not being able to fit the tags you just know he had flashbacks to the beach when donna said that and he had to say something good because he knew he couldn't do that to a person again
Before you throw a hissy fit about the dinosaurs in Jurassic World not being accurate because they d...
The dinosaurs look the way they do because in the first movie, they said that the scientists used frog DNA to fill in the missing genetic code from the blood they found in the amber.The character who is supposed to be a world renowned paleontologist actually said that the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park ...
"harry is turning 20 on saturda-" 
ahhhh so much work to do!!!!taking a study break and practicing some more landscape stuff ahhhhhhhh dashes away while yelling and throwing my psets into the air soars into the universe propelled by stress is this possible maybe deleting not sure going to sleep really unsatisfied with this also you guys!! thank you for your constant support and everything;; remember to take breathers and take care of yourselves!! zooms away
Harry Styles One Direction mine hs otra baltimore 8.8.15
That Power
Childish Gambino  Camp
"This is on a bus back from camp. I’m thirteen and so are you. Before I left for...
1k ~ Chris Evans a: my chris
                   PSA || RPING WITH MY CHARACTERjust because your character wouldn’t fit in with my character’s canon verse, doesn’t mean we can’t rp. au/crossover things are my life, you guys; i will be more than happy to either fit my character to yours’ canon verse or to make up an entirely diff...
1k mine disney i love this movie 500 my graphic Disneyedit Big Hero 6 bh6edit secondstarnetwork been a while since i giffed something esp disney but i've been meaning to do this set for a while like there isn't enough bh6 gif edits out there but w/e have another b/c i wanted to and these dorks