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I should breathe a little bit softer— oxygen reminds me I lost her.
  • me:*listens to sad song*
  • me:oh gooooood this song makes me feel so much woooooorse
  • me:*replays song*
So honey now Take me into your loving arms Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars Place your head on my beating heart I’m thinking out ...
But never have I been a blue calm sea I have always been a storm.
American songs vs. British songs
American songs: my reaction: british songs: my reaction:  these aren’t my gifs! credit to owners :)
Hi. I’m auditioning for Meninism and I’ll be singing “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin.
  • Me:This is a nice song, what's it called?
  • Friend:It's been out forever, how do you not know it?
  • Me:It's in English..
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Hi, I’m auditioning-Hi auditioning, I’m dad
Diga alguma coisa, estou desistindo de você.
Over again
over again leaked from take me home by one direction 
O Amor que o Mundo não te deu, Jesus te dá!
Renova-me senhor Jesus, já não quero ser igual, põe em mim teu coração. Porque tudo que há dentro de mim necessita ser mudado senhor, porque...
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Fake a smile, lie and say, you’re better now than ever, and your life’s okay when it’s not.