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batman the joker heath ledger Christian Bale anne hathaway The Dark Knight Rises the dark knight batman begins Tom Hardy cillian murphy catwoman Selina Kyle mygraphics the scarecrow bruce wayne two-face bane harvey dent aaron eckhart Liam Neeson ra's al ghul sadface *k picspammy thing dr jonathan crane soooo many people to tag which i have not yet seen
One Direction ** 1dedit Too many people to tag 1000*
Too many people to tag brooklyn nine nine b99*
robert pattinson kristen stewart Twilight mygif2 edward cullen Bella Swan Too many people to tag
doctor who spoilers i had to Too many people to tag do i tag spoilers for clara
~ The Avengers meh to many people to tag
** glee new directions glee* Too many people to tag *u* and i know not everyone is here im soryryry i didnt want the post to get too long
mine greys anatomy Too many people to tag
Too many people to tag ruthwilson genarowlands 2014 Golden Globes
1k my gifs doctor who Too many people to tag dwedit rtdedit HAVE A VERY HAPPY SET!!!:))))))
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my gifs 1000 Too many people to tag blood tw Orphan Black
gif request F.R.I.E.N.D.S Jess Phoebe Buffay mike hannigan mike x phoebe ok soooo many people have requested something like this so i'm sorry it took so long!!
your daily reminder that not all brown people are from india
gif game of thrones this looked better in my head mine 6 lol RICKON??????????????????? I threw The Night's Watch in to make up the numbers okay also people might have thrown a fit had I not included Jon Snow idk too many bloody people to tag wtf
hoo boy, here comes some serious talk about fandom mentality. I feel like there’s a huge failing on readers’ parts to communicate to fic authors how much they appreciate their works or how much it affects them, unless the fic is “fandom famous” for some reason. sometimes it ...
mass effect kaidan alenko commander shepard Ashley Williams liara t'soni fuck it there are too many people to tag
robin teen titans haunted idk too many people to tag this was really heartbreaking both because it took me so long to make and also bc ughh robin and his trauma