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1k twitter hamilton bernadette peters Lin Manuel lin manuel miramda sorry but this was too good not to post has someone posted it already?
spoilers AND HILARIOUS sorry but this was too good not to post pjgh spoilers pjgh people need to know this about jason look at him being an adorable dork with glasses also jason went from bro to buddy
nope just Blake Shelton I'm done this is just HES A BABE I'm sorry for the crap quality the video is crap as well i have an actual gif set planned but this was too good to not share
fav fashion style amazing sorry fur Lingerie sheer gown online shopping nightgown dressing gown to buy to purchase ok not actually etsy but it was too good to not post
gif LOL funny funny gif
me red
long post DRAMAtical Murder DMMd oopsies sorry this is so long omg but hey i finally downloaded the torrent + was too lazy to gif this lmao
** star trek data st* star trek tng lieutenant commander data trek* tng* omfg sorry this was too cute not to post
submission Oh my gosh slurs sorta this was too good not to post tbh
post success papierhache i never do this but this was too good
star wars sorry not sorry sw edit star wars original trilogy text post meme sw-edit if you have been following my headlong dive into a star wars fandom renaissance you knew this was coming also when I've made these in other fandoms I've tried to see what text meme edits people have already done so I don't unintentionally do something someone else did first but sw fandom seems way too big for me to do that effectively here so if anyone has already done any of these sorry dudes
made by me swimming Lithuania olympics olympics 2012 summer olympics Ruta Meilutyte london12 sorry but it was too good not to make a shit ton of posts
1. Know that you are still blooming, and this is okay. 2. Write handwritten love notes to the parts of yourself you hate. 3. Find the comf...
more people have wanted John Egbert’s dick than any other human Tavros was kissed the most compared to any other Alternian troll Rufioh has more love interests than any other Beforan troll I guess you could say that these guys are experts at taking everyone’s breath away
My art holla itachi i did itttt i had to do itttt dat hip thrust was too good planning on doing sasuke and madara and shisui if i'm not too lazy but... i'm already so dead after finishing this one OTL
Tenth Doctor Doomsday utopia The Next Doctor dw gifs sorry this took so long grinning but these are the best rtdedit tenedit it's not often you get to write grinning and doomsday in adajcent tags i was looking for more love the sudden onset grinning if broadchurch is too sinister on monday i will have another look at this post to cheer myself up i have to grin when he grins
The Hunger Games g2 Catching Fire . i need to stop sorry not sorry this was too funny how she tried to stop him
dog animals cute