• sorry didn't have a lot of time to spend on it maybe I'll do something more polished later •
* pretty little liars gifs xx you know Ian Thomas Garrett Reynolds ugh i just iT HURTS OK and oh my god but sorry i just want to thank you two for making rosewood a creepy place while you were alive for giving me chills and making me smile anytime you were on my screen you two are the fucking best and i wish i could spend more time on this photoset and make something prettier and meaningfull meaningful* i don't have time for that because i know they were who they were because of reasons ian loved melissa he wasn't the bad guy everyone thought he was and garrett's love for jenna do i even need to say something about it he just loved her so much because he loved her blidlessly blindlessly* even if she treated him like trash she was the love of his life i have too much feelings for pretty much everyone i'm sorry :( ily you'll forever be in my heart ok
can you imagine making louis tomlinson laugh
graphics book maybe deathless marya morevna because I WILL dare me the amount of detailing and work i actually put into this so close to making me cry my whole day went into this jesusssss but i'm very happy how it came out i could spend a lifetime photoshopping crowns and capes on people maybe i'll do a koschei one
otp sherlock john watson johnlock I just have a lot of feels about these idiots do you know how sweet it would be when John gave him that scarf? Like they both probably acted like they didn't care or that it wasn't important because they definitely DO NOT talk about emotions because both of them won't open up but this means something this is special and then I imagine Sherlock just said a quiet thanks but when he went into his room at night he just put it on and smiled because he has a friend who cares about him and possibly maybe loves him
* Fairy Tail Juvia Lockser so i'm obviously on a juvia mode so please don't mind me while i spam your dash also to the anon who requested some lyon and/or lyvia i didn't forget about it so don't worry because I'll have something for you before the end of the weekend
media puella magi madoka magica i'm sorry sailor moon mahou shoujo pmmm women in media magical girls represent meta meta meta magical girls uh tl;dr fucking mahou shoujo i love it fictional lady feelings /CASUALLY LOSES FOLLOWERS BECAUSE THIS IS SO LONG hahaha maybe i'll put a cut somewhere
beauty mine kristen stewart idk Queen flawless ? robstenaddicted2 i feel kinda proud of this iylsfm i was kinda in hurry for the bottom pic maybe I'll change it later
==>Striders: Reunite
david lynch
ace attorney i also didn't know it was a homestuckonyoutube thing i'm sorry for that too sour drawings i don't know how to spend my spring break properly
longreads Alexander Chee the morning news artist colony
Dave Strider bro strider bongophone kid dave strider family I feel like I forgot something this was actually meant to be a small comic but I didn't have time to finish it so only one pic sorry
mine Kellin Quinn sleeping with sirens
mygif happy birthday ivy! i'm sorry this is little late i tried to make something for you yesterday but it didn't work out T^T i hope you like these gifs :3 i rabu you tsugomori
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sherlock johnlock ha red pants monday another amazing impromptu art/fic collab by the great Alanna and Lin can't do a read more on a photo post though so sorry about the tl;dr peeps just enjoy the pants
me pretty hell perfect pain hurt Personal tattoo rough tough heaven struggle clean messy struggles proper survivor fault stick and poke stick n poke living hell stick-n-poke stick n' poke stick 'n poke slut shamming shamming clean-cut clean cut polished easy on the eyes
exo edit2 sehun baekhyun baekhun so hipster it hurts maybe i'll do more of these quickies