• sorry didn't have a lot of time to spend on it maybe I'll do something more polished later •
Balance digital legend of korra lok tlok maybe delete kuvira I pledge my loyalty my kidney and my cakes to you great uniter sorry didn't have a lot of time to spend on it maybe I'll do something more polished later
1k bts 5k 2k 4k block B i'm sorry winner b.a.p ot6 3k best absolute perfect idols my bullshit idk what to tag vixx team a Bangtan Bangtan Boys yg winner got7 I seriously think they have a dork gene or something in the water in korea cause tell me one group that isn't like this so first gifset ever hah the bap one could be better i'm sorry a lot of rookies lol i could put a lot more groups on this but yeah maybe i should have put more famous groups lol well i didn't do this for notes anywas i did it for fun well okay enough tags now kaia
exo hehehe um Luhan maybe next time plgifs queue-tips i was about to make something else but it just hurts me so nvm pls bear with me for a day or two and i'll go back to my regular posting of gifs um the fade out it's really like that in the vid i didn't do it on purpose
gif 1k tiffany snsd girls generation gif:snsd hwang miyoung snsd:tiffany tiffanyabcs ahh sorry this sucks i didn't have a lot of time to spend on it ): queue: ap testing~
*gif hannibal hannibal lecter mads mikkelsen [7] hannibaledit ahah idek just wanted to make something before the reinstallation of Windows because I'm not sure that I'll have Photoshop for another few days.. this is pretty awful I should've spend more time on it
Lifehack: if you go into the theaters with the mindset that books and movies are different forms of entertainment you’ll be a lot happier in life
mangacaps one piece i can't take it non 500N 1kn m:c this chapter opgraphics opspoilers donquixote corazon m:op hello that's me i should be studying but i had to take a break THIS CHAPTEEEEER my blog title is so accurate right now corazon has become one of my very fav character and HE'S DEAD i'm sorry for the crappy colouring though i didn't have a lot of time to spend on it
I read something this morning that really resonated with me.Maybe it’s the fandom, maybe it’s the people.But back when I was between the ages of 12 and 14 I wrote my first few stories and posted them online. Looking back they were terrible abominations of writing, and should anyone come to me and as...
MY EDIT hannibal mads mikkelsen hugh dancy will graham hannibal spoilers pssst I've found something new there's a lot of interesting stuff in this one jc what are you doing with that syringe eh i spend like the whole day trying to find something and I finally gor lucky I'd make more gifs but I'm a lazy ass sorry so I'll just provide a link and let you guys do the rest
1k * my gifs exo Kris wu yi fan wu yifan WuYiFan krisgifs I was gonna basically gif every second lol but waaaaaaaaaaay too many frames. I'll gif it all when I have more time on the weekend or something! This is all I can do for now;;;; sorry.... ;u; Please click the link to give Yifan lots of views!
haha My art long post omg why did i spend os much time on this OSB AND LIES ON SIDE maybe their suit shoudl be brown or balck and white SOMEONE GAVE me a cool idea about the 3dmg gear but i dk how to make ti wokr LOL DRAWS THE REST LATER TOMORW no wait i have to do hiomework tomrow u gusy should make stuff up im sure u have beter ideas cause i made all of this up as i went along LOL
doctor who Eleven i give up ????? dwedit cap meme i don't want to look at it anymore pammakesthings anon who r u so I can give this to you properly one down a ton more to go lol tbh I didn't think anyone would request something but turns out a lot did WHICH IS EXCITING TBH there's a couple of series ppl requested that I've never worked with and I am so excited im laughing inside bc this matches my layout I'll probably regret submitting this in 10 minutes or I'll notice something's wrong also idk how to do things on ps anymore the stripes are bothering me it's sharp too shhhiiiiiiiit whispers: I had a blast making the stars in the background
1k mine game of thrones got Jojen Reed gotedit gotjojenreed jojen appreciation week gothousereed yeaaah as i said i wont be able to do the whole week but i'll try to do as much days as i can i have a lot of test/projects this week AND I HAVE ENEM ON FRIDAY GGGGGGGGGGODDDDDDDD actually im just using the week as an oportunity to do this i wanted to do some jojen (some pastel jojen) for a long time but im always leaving it for later soo yea
doctor who David Tennant Catherine Tate Donna Noble bts Tenth Doctor Stuff I Posted there are probably a lot more instances of them laughing together too this is just the first batch that I remembered/came across maybe I'll make another post of more of them later how much fun are they?
MY EDIT mads mikkelsen Caroline Dhavernas hannibaledit alana bloom hannibloom I promised you hannibloom I didn't say it will be happy don't blame me I have to deal with feelings by making gif sets I'll do something happy later I promise now
* pretty little liars gifs xx you know Ian Thomas Garrett Reynolds ugh i just iT HURTS OK and oh my god but sorry i just want to thank you two for making rosewood a creepy place while you were alive for giving me chills and making me smile anytime you were on my screen you two are the fucking best and i wish i could spend more time on this photoset and make something prettier and meaningfull meaningful* i don't have time for that because i know they were who they were because of reasons ian loved melissa he wasn't the bad guy everyone thought he was and garrett's love for jenna do i even need to say something about it he just loved her so much because he loved her blidlessly blindlessly* even if she treated him like trash she was the love of his life i have too much feelings for pretty much everyone i'm sorry :( ily you'll forever be in my heart ok
can you imagine making louis tomlinson laugh
Benedict Cumberbatch interview translation Poland press
myedit balto NonDisneyEdit Amblimation baltoedit amblimedit argh i've been neglecting this blog i'm sorry i'm just busy all the time and when i do have time i spend it more on my personal idk have a balto gifset i just felt like making balto stuff idk