• sorry •
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm Sorry. I'm sorry
i’m sorry but every time i see this post i just
sad sorry i'm sorry fuckup so sorry
sorry comics genuinely sorry this time not even sorry not sorry
i drew a thing because harry wants a baby
making a new password like me: beefstew computer: sorry password not stroganoff
sorry not sorry
but sorry
british awkwardness
guys, do you ever feel we British have quite odd specific problems about tea and strangers like serious disappointments GENERAL SHAME i have done this more than once and america they don’t get it why are you so polite are you mocking me and apologising all the time I swear I aplogogised...
homestuck Rose Lalonde photos sorry sorry sorry
Girl: Want to come over ;) Me: A wizard just turned me into a duck. Girl: I’m off my - Me: 
Illustration art anxiety comic sorry guilt sorry for being sorry
One Direction Zayn Malik gifs bw mine:gifs zm 1dwax interviews13 im sorry im sorry im sorry
liam said he wasn’t circumcised so i mean if he gets a little chilly since he has no clothes at least liam junior has a turtle neck on 
Reminder that Ludwig loves puppies, baking, has a character song dedicated to how lonely he is, and should be protected at all costs.
me sorry sorry sorry
gif Harry Styles * the late late show sorry sorry sorry for the respost
life sad quotes hurt fuck up sorry life quotes i'm sorry I'm so sorry hurting everyone
i literally can’t breathe right now what is this?