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The Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea.
(EDIT: Clarifying this in case it becomes a problem later on. I am not a professional reporter, neither am I writing this post due to a request from a professional reporter. I gain no profit from this post. I have merely written this because the lack of truth everywhere has angered me very much.) Pl...
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Eternal Youth Co. Project South
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Has anyone seen the new episodes of South Park lately?
cause shit’s getting anime up in here.
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please keep south korea in your prayers too
the south korean government is tear-gassing peaceful protesters and beating them down with force, this isn’t the first time this happened nor will it be the last if this keeps going on like thisthe government’s been trying to rewrite korean history textbooks to praise its past dictatorial regimes an...
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A lot of racist shit happens down South. It is excellent and warranted and exciting when people thoughtfully consider that, questioning what...
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