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muggleborns discovering the room of requirement has an internet cafe room every muggleborn on campus mysteriously disappearing when not in class
No but this really has me confused So I have Dirk’s shirt, right? But if you turn it inside out THERE’S A FAIRLY VISIBLE GREEN SKULL I JUST HOW DID IT GET THERE WHAT DOES THIS MEAN
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my classmates me
my kink is being a meaningful part of someone’s life
honestly i peaked as a zygote like.. i was completely androgynous.. unproblematic.. no acne… truly my golden years
E estou ficando louco de tanta saudade sua.
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take me to snurch (snail church)
wasps are so annoying and rude they’re like the geminis of the insect world
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i can’t believe there’s honestly a post saying “do not vote for deez nuts” in a 100% serious tone i couldn’t create a shitpost that good if i had a week and this person does it without even trying
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