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“Adding colour to water… in zero g” [x]
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How Well Do You Know Your Space Photos?
Can you guess the subject of each of these pictures? How many will you get right? Test your friends and family to see who knows their space photos the best. 1. Ice on Earth or a Picture of Mars?2. Dry Land on Earth or a Close-Up of Jupiter?3. Mercury or Our Moon?4. Do You Think This is Mars or Our H...
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The latest class of NASA astronauts, recruited in 2013 and already in training, will also be candidates for the first trip to Mars, and for the first time in NASA history, 50 perce...
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Exoplanets: Strange New Worlds
Super SaturnAround a distant star 420 light years away is a planet with such huge rings that they’re 200 times larger than the rings of Saturn. The rings are about 74,560,000 miles in diameter and contain about as much mass as Earth itself. Gaps in the rings, like we see in Saturn’s rings, are likel...
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