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Speak your own language day!
How do you say Goodmorning in your own language?
  • English:I should be studying right now. But here I am instead
  • Hindi:मैं अभी पढ़ना चाहिए. लेकिन मैं यहाँ हूँ.
  • Telugu:నేను ఇప్పుడు అధ్యయనం చేయాలి. ఇక్కడ నేను బదులుగా ఉన్నాను
  • Indonesian:Saya harus belajar sekarang. Tapi saya disini.
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Okay since it's 'speak your language day"
Send me a sentence/word in English and I’ll translate it into my language
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speak your language day asks!
? : favourite word from your language? : favourite word from the english language translated in your language? : favourite proverb/saying from your language? : translate the first lines of your favourite song in your language? : give the first lines of a song which is originally in your language? : ...
ppl shit on feminism so much but they dont realize that its more than just wearing shorts to school or if some white girl dyes her armpit hair blue. women actually need it and not many countries treat women with equal respect. like u can have ur opinions but u have to realize that if u were born int...
i love how i went from “lol xDDDD ill type how i liek xD rawr” to “Text talk is stupid. I’m never going to typo ever again in my whole life~” to “r u fuckin srs rn i dont have time 4 this shit”
If we supporting black businesses remember I do have an etsy where I sell lipsticks. Always trying to add more colors and expanding to more products very soon https://www.etsy.com/shop/PoweredPinkk In the year+ I’ve been making and selling these I’ve never actually profited off them once. I’ve inve...
Why aren’t black kids allowed the opportunity to have like a “weird phase” or w/e you wanna call it without ppl tryina shut it down immediately like honestly why you want to make like they grown so bad