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  • deadpool:scorpio, sagittarius, libra, taurus, aquarius, cancer
  • spiderman:aries, virgo, leo, gemini, capricorn, pisces
everyone: spiderman’s suit looks sooo fake, it doesnt even look like hes a real person!!me: *remember this*
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  • marvel:releases civil war spot with about 10 seconds of new footage
  • entire fandom:goes into self-destruct
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SPOILERS! Leaked footage of Spiderman vs. Ant Man in the new Civil War movie!
  • Operator:911, what's your emergency?
  • Ryan Reynolds:Film rights are preventing Deadpool from fucking Spiderman
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But what if they just happened to cast Andrew Garfield as the boyfriend in Deadpool 2, and someone in the movie is like, “hey, you look just like Peter Par-” but Deadpool tackles them before they can finish and then just looks directly at the camera and is like, “this is my boyfriend, Pete Parkley, ...
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Can’t wait for Christmas