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writing Moleskine poetry poem photopost 10 e.e. cummings ee cummings may i feel said he e.e cummings
mine prose spilled ink look at this this is awful see what did i tell u all i have no talent it's awful
music writing poetry envelope ed sheeran snitch the a team white lips pale face breathing in the snowflakes
typewriter spilled ink but i actually like it so here is some of my dumb writing tumblr
poetry Shane Koyczan 6.59am love poem
love relationship sleep dream writing poetry poem
mine writing poetry idk i've been writing a lot
depression writing sadness poetry poem demons
suicide self harm poetry good things derrick brown please read this
I Once Dated A Writer and
Writers are forgetful, but they remember everything. They forget appointments and anniversaries, but remember what you wore, how you smelled, on your first date… They remember every story you’ve ever told them - like ever, but forget what you’ve just said. They don’t remember to water the plants or...
words poetry typewritten typed
art hair quote Black and White Him text song head Typography words lyrics design train thoughts word type scribble thought doodle thinking doodles poetry font Jupiter regret lettering scribbles drops of jupiter regreats paper note
love relationship coffee writing poetry poem
mine depression suicide quotes poetry depressing poem verse langston hughes
masks poetry shel silverstein
love relationship writing rain poetry poem memory breakup cheat weather
LOL red funny mine text hilarious texting FOREVER ALONE ichat blue phone post instagram conversation imessage poetry poem roses are red
'10 Honest Thoughts On Being Loved By A Skinny Boy' - Rachel Wiley.
(I had to transcribe this poem, because it became an immediate favorite the second that I heard it.  I am over 70 pounds heavier than my boyfriend, and I have thought, felt and said all of these things before.  But he is perfect, and we are perfect together.) 10 HONEST THOUGHTS ON BEING LOVED BY A ...
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