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the poetry of e. e. cummings
literallywhatareyouevensaying(because ihave no fuckingidea) where did this parenthesis) come from&why is it There
why do you live in your body like you will be given another? as if it were temporary. you starve it, you let anyone touch it, you berate it....
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Which is better, the distant lover you long for or the one you see daily without desire?
In this world love has no color yet how deeply my body is stained by yours.
We were together. I forget the rest.
eu não me recomendaria a mim mesmo
Here’s what our parents never taught us: You will stay up on your rooftop until sunlight peels away the husk of the moon, chainsmoki...
If they are tearing your insides open and leaving them for the wolves, Stitch yourself up then walk away, and say, like a tired soldier to their country, “I love you but I will not die for you.”
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He doesn’t love you. He just loves the way your palms beat down across his chest because he’s scared. He likes the sight of your clothes hit...
there are twenty four ribs that supposedly protect your heart from damage, but i swear you know the precise location of each 4 cm gap, knowhow to nick the arteries and slip into my circulation,virtually undetected untilthe x-rays show you lighting up my bodylike a christmas tree.
mine typewriter spilled ink HM i like it though modified it a little
The Earth would die If the sun stopped kissing her.
I see Egypt in her eyes and Sudan in her skin I see Somalia in her face and Zimbabwe in her waist I see the Congo in her thighs and Ghana in her hips I see Senegal in her hair and Nigeria in her lips I see Rwanda in her walk and Kenya in her dance I see Uganda in her grace and Liberia in her sm...