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star trek au where kirk and spock are gay and wait
"A Fragment out of Time", published in 1974. Kirk / Spock.page 1 page 2 I had to share it with you because I can’t stop laughing, and every time I reread it it just gets funnier and fUNNIER
jim and spock being bond mates (????) jim and spock being able to communicate through mental messages via the bond (????) jim abusing the bond and using it to tell spock he loves him at inconvenient moments just to piss him off (????)?*:???*:???
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travel back in time to collect humpback whales
person: omg what’s so amazing about spock he doesn’t even have feelings jim kirk: (crashes enterprise through building) jim kirk: (bursts open ship doors) jim kirk: i heard u were talkin shit bout my first officer jim kirk: double dumbass on you
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oh my god you have no idea how much i’ve thought about this ever since i first saw the movie so i’m going to talk to you about it okay i had no knowledge of star trek when i saw into darkness, i hadn’t even seen the 2009 movie. during that scene i honestly thought that kirk was lin...
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