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I’m watching an episode of TOS where Spock is explaining something clearly and precisely to the rest of the away team (including Jim) and Jim is listening to him, watching him with the most un-deniable look of adoration in his eyes, gazing with love and respect. It’s so beautiful.
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my new favorite spirk headcanon is that spock starts thinking about jim as “ashayam”/“t'hy'la”/(insert vulcan endearment here) in his head before they’ve got together bc he’s actually a sap but one time spock gets annoyed at him and grits out “Ashayam, refus...
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You know that quiet girl you called a innocent? She’s reading hardcore gay smut that would grown men cringe. 
IMPORTANT: consider this, if your OTP was the couple in the cute ass after surgery video, who would be the one high on meds that doesn’t recognize the other but still thinks they’re the most gorgeous thing they’ve ever seen.
You call it bromance, I call it the all-consuming, soul-destroying, never-ending one true gay love of all time.
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