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This is Dean. He could start a fight in an empty house, but deep down he’s just a big ‘ole teddy bear.
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What if Zeke is just like “Dean, Sam knows you’re gay you don’t need to hide your feelings for Cas anymore.” And that’s how Destiel becomes canon.
Supernatural : adding plot twists to the Bible since 2005
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You didn’t save me for me, you saved me for you.
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episode twenty-three and a half: sam is very very surprised when dean walks into the bunker kitchen and makes himself a margarita. dean is wearing sunglasses. sam embraces him and asks how the hell he’s alive. dean mumbles something about topical humor. sam asks him why he’s wearing sung...
"keep an eye on him. keep two eyes on him. send me photos with your camera phone. i know how those work now. i will expect hourly updates sam make sure he eats enough vegetables you know how he is. make sure he has enough blankets."
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