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i can relate to luke skywalker because i  would also run away and live on an island instead of facing my problems 
Friends hug you when you come back from the dead Best friends try to send you back
i gave her the one word test and what did she say Pond
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bucky barnes is a fictional character and after this movie i still feel personally responsible and guilty for his suffering. how could i let this happen to you. bucky how could i let this happen to you. this is my fault im so sorry
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You all sound all English!
I’m just trying to keep our priorities clear.
Consider this: Finn stealing a fry off of Rey’s plate because he heard that’s a cute thing couples do and he wants to balance out their “I’LL SAVE YOU!” emotional intensity with some cute things, only Rey freezes and Finn’s like, shit, I just stole food from someone who grew up without it, what Atta...
what the fuck is happening
"i ran away and rebelled because my dad alternated between oppression and neglect, but one time he dragged me out of a crack den when i was like twelve so i think he deserves a medal"  well i got one handy for him
also can we talk about the fact that Merlin wasn’t afraid of Arthur executing him he was terrified of putting Arthur in the position where he’d have to choose and Arthur worked that out in a heartbeat
dean’s explanation of the week, future edition: "you tripped on the stairs and hit your head and dropped your gun which shot the witch and then i stabbed the demon and ran across the room to drop a bucket of iron filings onto the ghost and an earthquake made the werewolf fall into lava no big ...
"it’s dean winchester or us" like have these angels even watched this fucking show
“Nothing says family business like the whole family being dead.” Sam Winchester just described all of Supernatural in one line. 
"he’s the commander’s friend and i know we’re supposed to like him" OH JESUS WAS THERE A BRIEFING ABOUT THIS???!????
the jinora tattoo scene becomes a little bit sadder when you realize that aang was the only one creating the wind that rang the chimes at tenzin’s ceremony
season 24 of grey’s anatomy : shonda rhimes has run out of people on the show to killshe begins killing viewers while they watch