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“Nothing says family business like the whole family being dead.” Sam Winchester just described all of Supernatural in one line. 
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A little history lesson before people start complaining about Nefertiti being with Riddell at the end. Nefertiti disappears from historical records about 14 years into her husband’s reign They say she died from a plague that swept through the city, or some form of natural death. But there is n...
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I like that Sokka’s response to the whole ‘bloodbending is impossible outside the full moon’ thing is just, “Eh, I’ve seen weirder.”
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wow this turned out a lot more depressing then i thought it would turn out
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Nationals episode spoilers
Okay, so I lied— I have some spoilers for the Nationals episode! A lot of this is just details about the performances/choreography, but there are also some plot spoilers as well, including who wins Nationals. Just a heads up! Nationals filming ND perform three numbers - The Edge of Glory, It...
Daleks must be good at making souffles because of the whole whisk-hand thing
“The person on this grave stone has the exact same name as me!” Rory Williams the man who thought the Daleks wanted eggs. 
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After showing Amelia Pond in the garden as a young girl in the Eleventh Hour, Karen’s first episode, the final shot in Saturday’s The Angels...
and let’s just keep in mind, that in that purgatory flashback you know the one where Dean looked feral and wild and was brutally ripping through that vampire he was demanding information about Cas and when Benny offered him a way out his first priority over escaping this nightmare of a place w...