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"Your OTP su-."
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Steven Moffat promises a puzzling climax to Sherlock's third series
Sherlock’s executive producer Steven Moffat has promised fans that the climax to the glossy detective drama’s third series will leave them “just as frustrated as ever they were.” Speaking at the Bafta Craft awards held last weekend, the writer admitted that he and co-writer Mark Gatiss had already p...
If Steven Moffat and Joss Whedon ever meet
this is what I imagine would happen
Dear Steven Moffat
when we said we wanted a Sherlock referance in Doctor who we didnt mean like that you masochistic bastard
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Steven Moffat is a Douchebag - The Masterlist
I have created this list because, whilst the occasional quote here and there containing problematic statements is easy to write off as ‘words being taken out of context’, seeing all of these quotes, articles, tweets, as well as some meta on major characters written by Moffat together is a little har...
steven plays bw2
  • moffat:no, mum, I didn't break the vase.
  • mum:who did it then?
  • moffat:outside the window there was a butterfly and the butterfly flew past the window and our canary saw it and squeaked and the goldfish hit the tank and the cat was interested in the goldfish because the cat is hungry...
  • mum:so the cat knocked over the vase?
  • moffat:or did he?
  • mum:steven--
  • moffat:I guess you'll have to wait till next season.
  • *flies away, cackling madly*
When a fictional character starts keeping secrets from the writer, that’s when that character becomes real.
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Happy birthday Steven Moffat
as birthday present here are some legos you can step on
Me when I see "Written by Steven Moffat"
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Card project for Steven, Amanda, and Caitlin.
You probably all know by now that Steven Moffat, Amanda Abbington, and Caitlin Blackwood have had to deal with some less-than-pleasant messages (that’s putting it mildly) on Twitter lately. Well, I thought it would be nice if we got together as a fandom to do something nice for them. This isn...
Things Steven Moffat loves (based on my personal observation of his work): Throwing people we love off of buildings Lesbians Not-so-subtle Wholock crossovers Killing people but then not actually killing them Short sidekicks Making me afraid of completely ordinary inanimate objects that I cannot help...
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