• squinty!cas is my fave •
terry is my fave
Christmas Love Actually ! k fave jan Hugh Grant Martine McCutcheon fave scene omfg this couple is my fave ahahahah tears
1k ed sheeran Teddy Sheeran thinking out loud ed* ed's fave song is my fave song
Harry Styles edit myedits the faces FFKGLJLJAHA(:)()(L)(:L my fave is bette my fave is better than yours ALWAYS
THIS 1 is my fave
Adventure Time approximate knowledge cat is my fave
Half A Heart
ben buckwalter is literally my fave
.gif harrylouis :):):):):):) tea drinking louis is my fave
omg the simpsons this episode is my fave
Mallory Ortberg's brain is my fave
i think your favourite boy from ouran high school host club says a lot about you
louis tomlinson mine 3rd is my fave ugh
food breakfast you are my fave
your fave is problematic: nick jonas
He’s vain, His gamesHe’s insecureHe loves me, he likes herHe makes me laughHe makes me cryI don’t know which side to buy 
my gifs he is my fave Newsies newsies on broadway
my photoset baby monkey kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk prettiest FIRST ONE IS MY FAVE BECAUSE FLIRTING DLSAFJ
Harry Styles One Direction my edits harry THIS IS FOREVER MY FAVE
Frida Kahlo was a Mexican disabled queer communist woman who survived an accident in the 20s, a time when it should have killed her. She was a fire, a catalyst, a hurricane, a phenomenon of a woman who fought with every inch of her self for what she believed in and what she loved and I think she wou...