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Reblog if you're a REAL Star Trek fan.
How do you know if you’re a REAL Star Trek fan? • You must like Star Trek • That’s it • That’s literally the only requirement for being a Star Trek fan • If you like Star Trek, you’re a REAL Star Trek fan
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Want I Want from the New Star Trek Series
Non-White Female CaptainAlien Female First OfficerAt Least One of the Above to be LGBTQNon-Gendered Alien Crew MemberAnother LGBTQ Crew Member besides either the CO/XORacially Diverse Cast: No “white people + 1-2 token ethnicity” BSGender Diverse Cast: No 7 Male/3 Female ratio; 50/50 split!At Least ...
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My friend asked me how many people on tumblr really watch Star Trek on a regular basis.
Reblog for Star Trek. Ignore for a soul-crushing sense of being alone in the universe.
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MY EDIT star trek star trek tos enterprise trekedit minimal trek
I rather resent it when people say Uhura didn’t do anything but say, ‘Hailing frequencies open.’ That’s not true. It...
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You don’t really understand Star Trek until you’ve seen Galaxy Quest.
pros of dating me star trek cons of dating me uh did you not read the pros. there are no cons. only khans. star trek
my favorite thing about worf is how sometimes he peeks out from behind things (source) (source) (source)
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Amanda convinces Sarek to try to connect with their son on a more human level "Father, I’m home." "Hello home, I am father." and he and Spock just stare at each other for like a full minute and then Sarek is like “it was your mother’s idea” and Spock just nods awkwardly and e...
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