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Want I Want from the New Star Trek Series
Non-White Female CaptainAlien Female First OfficerAt Least One of the Above to be LGBTQNon-Gendered Alien Crew MemberAnother LGBTQ Crew Member besides either the CO/XORacially Diverse Cast: No “white people + 1-2 token ethnicity” BSGender Diverse Cast: No 7 Male/3 Female ratio; 50/50 split!At Least ...
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“Bringing ‘Star Trek’ back to television means returning it to its roots, and for years those roots flourished under Bryan’s devoted care,” said executive producer Alex Kurtzman. “...
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Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller has found his next mission: showrunner and co-creator of CBS’ new Star Trek series.A longtime fan of science fiction, Fuller began his career writing ...
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“the millenium falcon would wipe out the enterprise in seconds” lmao the enterprise is just an innocent science class floating thru space…. all they wanna do is look at some rocks… kiss an alien…. find some space plants….. why would you fight that its not a battleship the...
there are otps, there are OTPs and then there is:
You’ve heard of SuperWhoLock, now get ready for
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I really don’t want gay subtext in Star Trek anymore.I want text.It’s time for text.
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