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Illustration Stephanie B. Curtis
Charlie Brown Christmas Dances, Ranked
8. Violet’s dance suggests that Mrs. Othmar was right not to let her use the big kid scissors. I have pantophobia about her landing one of those right uppercuts.7. Sally will never win over her Sweet Babboo if she dances like your aunt when she hears Love Shack at a wedding.6. When comedians in the ...
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Stephanie St. Clair (1897-1969): Harlem's Queen of Numbers
Oh man, y’all are in for a treat this week.Presenting the tale of Prohibition-era gangster Stephanie St. Clair. She ran Harlem’s numbers rackets, fought the mob and won, and repeatedly dissed them in full page ads in the newspaper — where she attached giant pictures of herself dressed to the nines, ...
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