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So, it should be general knowledge by now that the dwarf.actors from The Hobbit did a naughty calender for Peter’s 50th birthday. We got quite a lot of information about that this weekend.  Adam Brown is May because it’s his birthday month. He is wearing his fat suit, roller skates, a sw...
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Stephen Colbert’s question for Peter Jackson in the Sn...
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It’s funny how people don’t want to see Justin Beiber deported because it’s unfair to be sent back to Canada since his whole life is in USA. But, it is completely acceptable to send kids, students, parents, and workers back to a country they might not even know because they were br...
My art percy jackson annabeth chase percy jackson and the olympians The Heroes of Olympus stress relief doodle haven't read BOO yet but i got super nostalgic for my faves today so this happened
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