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Jasper, the Fusion Experiment
Jasper is a fusion. Okay, okay! Hear me out! I think tonight’s episode gives a way for our theory to be perfectly true. There have been multiple signs indicating that Jasper is a fusion (that I’ll cover below the break), but there’s always been some problems, the biggest one being...
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kindergarten steven universe peridot back to the barn this part made me laugh for some reason
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Dear Steven Universe Fandom
SU isnt just for Female and Non-binary peoplePeople can cosplay who they want no matter their body typeporn is ok and not hurting any one, the creators like and support itstop complaining about people changing body type of characters in art when you are turning around and changing jasper,peridot and...
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It feels like it’s been far too long since the heartwarming delight of Steven Universe was in our lives—but the wait for more Crystal Gem goodness is nearly over. Steven Universe is back January 4th, with a whole week of episodes! The event is ostensibly to celebrate Steven’s Birthday, but really, ...
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can you tell who is control with garnet?
sometime, i notice that garnet acts more like ruby or more like sapphire.like in love letterswhen garnet says NO YOU DON”T to jamie, her visor is more red, she say this pretty sternly. but when she gives her little speech about how jamie is a good actor, her tone is calmer, kinder. Her viser also ch...
yes hello this is my gem oc, his name is rock.
"Cartoon Network Removes ‘Steven Universe’ Repeats"
Theory: Gems physical form
I’m pretty sure this has been said but I think it’s interesting and I wanted to give my take on how the actual gems work. Now I was scrolling through the tag when I saw something that another fan had also seen and pointed out.Look at all these Gems in mid-transformation you know what the...
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Cool Steven Universe theories masterpost
There are a lot of cool Steven Universe theories out there, and such is the nature of Tumblr that all but the most obsessive tag-prowlers must be missing out on a lot of them! For that reason I’m collecting my favourites here in the hope that others will add their favourites.I can’t find any of the ...
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