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Jasper, the Fusion Experiment
Jasper is a fusion. Okay, okay! Hear me out! I think tonight’s episode gives a way for our theory to be perfectly true. There have been multiple signs indicating that Jasper is a fusion (that I’ll cover below the break), but there’s always been some problems, the biggest one being...
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Steven ruby sapphire steven universe keystone motel
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pokemon ruby the return sapphire Jailbreak garnet steven universe Ruby and Sapphire steven universe spoilers THESE TWO ARE SO CUUUUTE
This is the most beautiful thing I have seen. 10/10
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Sketch SU steven universe Ruby and Sapphire
Teen Steven: Garnet, what can you tell me about… um.. kissing?Garnet: I have been constantly making out with myself inside my brain for the past 12,000 years.Steven: I’m gonna go ask Pearl
  • Ruby:Y'know what's nice about being split up?
  • Sapphire:What?
  • Ruby:I get to look at you.
  • Sapphire:wtf thats gay
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Spoiler ruby sapphire steven universe
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I never thought there’d be a canon femme non binary space rock alien couple in a children’s cartoon show but boy am I glad there is