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It feels like it’s been far too long since the heartwarming delight of Steven Universe was in our lives—but the wait for more Crystal Gem goodness is nearly over. Steven Universe is back January 4th, with a whole week of episodes! The event is ostensibly to celebrate Steven’s Birthday, but really, ...
can you tell who is control with garnet?
sometime, i notice that garnet acts more like ruby or more like sapphire.like in love letterswhen garnet says NO YOU DON”T to jamie, her visor is more red, she say this pretty sternly. but when she gives her little speech about how jamie is a good actor, her tone is calmer, kinder. Her viser also ch...
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*thumbs up*
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ok so i know it seems peridot will be having a bad time (geez crystal clods what did u DO) but i think weve all missed the most important part of the promothat part is thisthese are rubies. they look the same and have the same cut on their gems, but the gems are all in different places. so it seems ...
OH MY GODMy girlfriend just pointed out that, because Garnet was actually the first cross-gem fusion, and homeworld had NEVER seen that before, it is basically 100% guaranteed that Garnet is the one who gave them the idea for the cluster.No WONDER Garnet was so upset about the clusters she found. No...
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STEVEN UNIVERSE...and Monsters?!
Some after Halloween left overs! Here’s a peek at more series development that I did for the amazing Rebecca Sugar’s show, STEVEN UNIVERSE! Along with concept for the Crystal Gems Temple and an early (and unsavory) design for Steven’s Lion, I also worked on some early monster designs with Rebecca wh...
Steven Universe coming back at you May 12th with 4 weeks of life changing episodes that will change your life for life.
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PSA: Bullying someone to the point of suicide is morally no different to murder. No art could ever be as “problematic” as the actions of that community against this young woman. If...
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same show
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When they draw the thighs extra thick
I feel like peridot’s weapon is just like