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We have forgotten what rocks, plants, and animals still know. We have forgotten how to be
You don’t have to sit cross-legged to meditate. If you pay attention, if you listen, both inwardly and outwardly as you breathe, stand...
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Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.
I choose to stay present, to unlearn how to unlove, to love, and to practice my worthiness of it.
Stillness is the Move (Dirty Projectors Cover)
Solange | Stillness Is The Move (Dirty Projectors cover)
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Why Everyone Should Try Meditation
To understand meditation in a nutshell, go get a camera and take two pictures of the same thing. For the first, hold your camera as still as possible, and take a picture. For the second, shake your camera back and forth as fast as you can while you snap the photo. The difference between the clarit...
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1k ** mine epilepsy warning star trek spock leonard mccoy reboot James T. Kirk star trek AOS trekedit don't ask me we just don't know okay so explanation: kirk is the sun: he is warmth and vitalilty and heat he burns bright and hot; almost too much so spock is the sea: calm on the surface but with hidden depths fathomless and usually passive but horrifying in his fury and finally bones: summer thunderstorms warm and passionate with constant rumblings and the occasional roar of thunder but always accompanied by nourishing rain and followed by restful stillness no one is going to care about this but me but
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