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A porn website is stealing images and photos from Deviantart, Tumblr and probably other website like Zerochan, Pixiv and similar. This website shows your photos with porn tags and, somewhen, it even photoshop them in order to make you (or your art) appear in a porn set. How can you check if you̵...
Dashboard Confessional  Dusk and Summer
Dashboard Confessional | Stolen
Dashboard Confessional  Dusk and Summer
Dashboard Confessional | Stolen You have stolen my heart.
stolen from yungegg probably already said
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I want you by my side So that I never feel alone again
Stolen art
Hello dear followers and other art lovers. Something just came up to my attention and I’m not sure how to go about it, but any help would be so appreciated…At this moment, this drawing has been stolen by an Amazon.com sellers that prints it on t-shirts. This is obviously not something I have ...
225. Proud to say I’ve never shagged a family member, dead person, or animal.
* doctor who mine: dw the stolen earth
Arctic Monkeys Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts
stolen from reddit but lmaoooooo
My Friend's Wheelchair Was Stolen Today
My friend had his wheelchair stolen today.  You can read his story here. His friends have started a fundraiser to help him raise the money to get a new chair.  You can help by donating here.  Every little bit helps!  If you can’t afford a donation at this time, you can help by spreading t...
My artwork is also stolen by Wallpart!
Want to take this site down?Sign here a petitionhttps://www.change.org/p/remove-wallpart-com-stealing-people-s-work-without-persmissionShare the Petition link for other too sign in aswell to take down the art stealing site!
Harry Styles stolen harry styles shirtless
1k lyrics MY EDIT milky chance stolen dance sadnecessary edits: milky chance
1960s Records record player Francois Truffaut french cinema baisers voles stolen kisses