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Want to cheat off my exam? Sure, take a look.
Years ago in my high school AP economics class I was assigned to sit in the corner of the room where I was flanked by a handful of very popular, very lazy kids. After every exam the teacher would announce (much to my chagrin) my “high score” to the class.After a particularly challenging ...
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Don't pay me for the job, you don't get to play pool.
I’m a pool table installer. I get lots of request to install. I run ads on craigslist often and pick up some business from there. A man calls me up wants his table installed the next morning, but he wants me done by 8 a.m. It means I have to get to his house by 6 a.m. I don’t normally st...
I love the Ghost Stories dub. But mostly, I love these guys.
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Go native or go home.
I’m in line at a popular discount retail store, with two people ahead of me. The women at the head of the line is clearly new to English, and while she has a thick accent and struggles, she does her best to speak to the cashier in English, even though he rolls his eyes and makes her repeat every...
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The Amazon preview of The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer
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My weekly petty revenge.
I work in pizza, pretty busy place, I run shifts, I do a little bit of everything in the store.Lately, this one lady comes in like clockwork on Fridays, when we are slammed, right in the middle of rush. A few times, I had the displeasure of closing out her order, every time I cash her out she throws...
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Nothing about my love is temporary.
Chris Colfer’s book, The Land of Stories, has an official website.  
He killed me with unsaid words.
Don’t force pieces that don’t fit.
Our timing was really fucking bad
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