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A professora faltou, mas deixou a lição pra voces fazerem:
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Existem várias formas de gostar de alguém, e eu sempre escolho a que eu pareço um idiota.
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  • Customer:*grabs my ass*
  • Me:*turns around and holds my hand out for money* you touch it you buy it
  • Customer:Haha nope, all I did was grab your ass babe
  • Me:and you think it's okay to do that for free? Would you do that to a girl on the street?
  • Customer:Well a girl on the street wouldn't be dressed like that, would she?
  • Me:So if a girl on the street was wearing lingerie you'd grab her ass? Clothing equals consent for you?
  • Customer:Um, ye- no *laughs nervously*
  • Customers friend:ya know, you kinda have to pay her now or you're admitting to sexual assault, don't be a dick
  • ...
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