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stucky stucky feels
Do you ever just pause while reading a fic because you can’t handle the cuteness and you’re just like
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  • bucky:okay steve
  • bucky:i'm just gonna go pour myself a bowl of cereal
  • bucky:i'm going to be in that room right next door ok
  • steve:ok
  • bucky:so dont do anything stupid ok
  • steve:alright
  • bucky:*leaves*
  • steve:now seems like a good time to see how long i can dangle from the windowsill with one hand
mine stucky
high school au where badboy bucky begrudgingly gives up smoking so he can hang out with adorable asthmatic steve and takes up eating lollipops instead, which really only makes steve’s inability to catch his breath even worse
My art stevebucky stucky
You can say Bucky fell for Steve
headcanon that young bucky would tell little steve that the fireworks on the fourth of july were just for him
Pausing in the middle of a fic because you can literally feel the waves of second hand embarrassment when your OTP does something stupid
Does anyone else have that one fanfiction that they’re dying to to write but it’s like, mega long and basically a whole universe, and then you’ve got head-cannons to go with that fanfiction and like fanfiction to go with that fanfiction an back-stories for every character and you get frikin’ feels a...
look im not saying that kissing bucky would have restored all his memories im just saying Steve could have at least tried 
mg :( stucky
my stucky
when your friends have to drag you out of the cinema after an incredibly sad movie with your otp
Steve Rogers bucky barnes stucky
When gay fanfiction is your bedtime story