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i’m going to reach my goal this year. i’m going to work so fucking hard and make no more shitty excuses. 
30 Day Studyblr Challenge
Hello everyone! So in my time here I haven’t really come across a studyblr challenge other than the great “100 days of productivity” meme which I know is really helping a lot of people! I know there are probably some out there but I decided to contribute too! However, I know some people struggle wi...
1,000 Follower Giveaway!!
Alright! So I’m doing a giveway to celebrate having 1000 followers!!!!Rules:☼ Must be 18 or older unless you have a parent’s permission because you will be sending your address to a stranger and that’s just kinda scary.☼ 1 reblog = 1 entry you may reblog it as many times as you would like, but don’t...
reblog if it’s 100% okay for your followers to message you and tell you how productive they’ve been or how they aced a final exam or even just talk about their new study supplies 
Studyblr masterpost (July 2015 edition)
There’ve been a few new faces around here recently, so it seems like a good time to throw back to some of the long rambly advice posts I’ve written on this blog that some of you mightn’t have seen. This doesn’t cover everything, just the stuff I’ve written about so far. If there’s something missing ...
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Don’t mock people who study a lot for worrying about their grades.Don’t mock people who don’t study a lot but worry about their grades.Don’t mock people who get a grade you would consider bad but think it’s good. Don’t mock people who get what you would consider a high grade but think it’s bad.Don’t...
So you’re scared? Be scared. Embrace it. Get your shit done anyway.
Breathe. Focus. Try again.
While studying can consist of pretty pens and notebooks, it can also be very difficult and can result in panic attacks, or other health disorders.For everyone on tumblr who is a student, I just want you all to remember that sometimes studying isn’t a smooth process and sometimes it can be hard and m...
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There is no feeling so tragic as wishing you had tried harder.
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.
2016 Planner Printables
Hi! The New Year is approaching rapidly, so I’ve been thinking a lot about planning, and what method I’m going to try next month… The beggining of a new year after all!! (for us planning freaks, this is a really big deal)I’ve gathered a bunch of material that I found all around, from diff...
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Sometimes I feel embarrassed to say that I have studied for a test. Or that I have worked really hard on that essay,or that I really enjoy paying attention in class. And,that is really wrong. In what kind of society do we live if we feel embarrassment for working hard,for trying our best,for strivin...
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The harder you work, the more rewarded you’ll feel.
It will not become easier if you do not get started on it.