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Hate that horrible silence while you’re working/studying? Perhaps your music is annoying you? Or maybe you just want to relax. Try these to help you fill the silence: Coffitivity - Coffee shop environement stimulator RainyMood - Sounds of rain USS Enterprise - Engine hum Celestial - Sounds lik...
my brother is sitting in the chair in my room studying a practice test thing for his final test before he becomes a fully certified EMT tomorrow and he’s mumbling some of the questions out loud and he just went “a child has fallen from a monkey at school…” and he just got dead quiet and stare...
9 Tips To Help You Focus When Studying
1. Get Rid of Distractions  This should be pretty obvious right? But actually, it’s not. We often get distracted without realizing that we already are. Once distracted, we engage in the new task and we don’t pay attention to what we were originally supposed to do.  Instead, to get rid of...
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holy shit studying exams anime gif i don't want to Tommorow's exam will be Economy. God help us all I'm so going to fail that class I should start studying But I like Tumblr way more v///v
This is your reminder
This is your reminder that if you haven’t accomplished what you wanted to do today, then that is OKAY. Don’t worry or panic, it isn’t going to get you any further than you have already come. Write a to-do list for tomorrow and work from there. Take one step at a time. Everything ...
ilhoon eunkwang sungjae i should be studying BTOB shits* last gif trans with help from lovely jisu
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my post kagakuro KuroBasu THIS IS VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT YOU GUISE yeah i should be studying welp darki out but kuroko looking over kagami's shoulder is so fucking cute like help 22 centimeters fuck
game of thrones meh jon snow minegr gr[got] tw: blood got spoilers illustrating jon snow's trials through ted hughes' poetry because i'm studying english lit atm and this will help me remember
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Larry Stylinson ** but no oh god what am I doing i probably should be studying i'll leave it for tomorrow but no really think about it louis going to play and harry comes with their baby oh god i'm gonna start cryiing and they are waving at him and louis can't help but turn around every two seconds and smile like an idiot because he loves them so much fuck this otp