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Studying Tips: Heading off to College or University for the first time
Transitioning from highschool to college can be an exciting but also stressful period of life. You may find yourself living at a new place, learning how to adapt or recreate your studying strategies, finding or making new friends, keeping up with old friends, managing extracurricular activities, or ...
Some puppies to get you through finals studying
You can do it! Keep on studying! Take a study break if you have to! Maybe have a cup of tea! And then hit the books! It will all be over soon! I’m so proud of you! GOOD LUCK!
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5 Skills That You Gain From Studying Psychology
Disclaimer: This is from my own experience and the responses are evidently biased and possibly unrepresentative. However, hope they can still give those who are aspiring in psychology some ideas. Furthermore, thanks to those who replied on my question about ‘what do you learn from studying psy...
5 of My Studying Tips That May Be Useful
Neurolove’s General Studying Tips Plans  Studying Tips To Help Improve Your Memory Going to College/University Freshmen Tips 9 Tips To Help You Focus Simple Exam Studying Tips Regarding Fatigue  
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Me Studying/Doing Homework for School
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While studying can consist of pretty pens and notebooks, it can also be very difficult and can result in panic attacks, or other health disorders.For everyone on tumblr who is a student, I just want you all to remember that sometimes studying isn’t a smooth process and sometimes it can be hard and m...
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Studying Tips: When and Where to Study for a Mental Boost
1. Study in different places. Studies show that studying in different places helps us remember better because our brain becomes more active in trying to make connections. In one classic study, participants were asked to study a list of 40 vocabularies in two different rooms - one windowless and clut...
More Free Printables Than You Should Ever Need
Monthly2015 Colorful Monthly CalendarsSnapfish 2015 Monthly Grid CalendarsSnapfish Large Monthly Planner (meant for families but will work great for splitting up assignments by class)Day Designer Monthly Goals TrackerSimplified Planner MonthlyWeeklyTwo Week Schedule (M/D/N)Get Buttoned Up Weekly Pro...
Things NOT To Do When Studying
I was going through some old papers from freshman year and I was thinking about what I was doing wrong when I didn’t achieve the grades I wanted, even though I got As in my classes. What things could I have done better to get a 100 instead of a 96? I don’t ask myself this so much as to be a perfecti...
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The signs studying
Aries: Takes breaks a lot but finds it kinda easy to get back to being focusedTaurus: Listens to music while they study Gemini: Is either in the zone or just can’t even function Cancer: Studies last minute and has to have neat pagesLeo: Studies for a bit then goes on the internet Virgo: Has to have ...