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laugh stupid stupid laugh
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Jensen's special laugh for Misha's stupid stuff
It’s kind of an obvious Jensen has this unique laugh for whatever shit Misha does… And I think It’s really sweet. here’s a gif set for that Bonus gif These two really warm the cockles of my heart.. Words chosen carefully¬†
gif Gangsta dumb nicolas brown worick arcangelo this makes me laugh so much hahaha so stupid
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LOL funny humour laugh describe yourself these things are stupid
Imagine Person A of your OTP dying from a gaping chest wound. Person B is frantically trying to stop the bleeding when Person A’s eyes flutter open and they whisper faintly, "My eyes are up here, asshole.”
imagine jim making stupid math puns on march 14th and everyones getting so sick of them but he keeps it up and then all of a sudden spock giggles
Captain America Marvel bucky barnes this is so dumb The Winter Soldier LAUGH TAG emma rambles what a stupid headline
oh look misha’s saying something jensen, honey — it’s never going to be that funny.¬†
aidan turner the hobbit cast bloody hell mine: hobbit you and your stupid face and your stupid smile and your stupid laugh mine: Irish ray of sunshine
love couple cute movies Cuddle stupid Couch
1k jennifer morrison Emilie de Ravin colin o'donoghue sdcc 2013 stupid and handsome Colin
Taemin’s precious-cute-adorable laugh. when you love everything about you...
I don't want a serious relationship, I'm a teenager. I want someone I can act a complete dick head a...
star trek into darkness or Star Trek into a 13 year old's porn folder what if I just went through stupid and sexist movies and did this what a great way to make me laugh